Body Language Lyrics – Dope Boy Leo | Video

Body Language Lyrics – Dope Boy Leo | Video: Body Language is the latest song in the voice of Dope Boy Leo.The music as well as lyrics are given by Dope Boy Leo himself.Checkout the full music video here with its full lyrics.
Album--Body Language
Singer-- Dope Boy Leo
Music-- Dope Boy Leo
Lyrics-- Dope Boy Leo

Choreographer-- Manish Bhatti
Produced--Anup Kumar
Directed-- James
Label-- Zee Music Company
Release On --6 March,2017

Body Language Lyrics:

I’M Confused,
Main Wrong Hun Ya Right..
But I Wanna Love You,
Defeat My Appetite..
I Wanna Love You,
I Wanna Love I Wanna Love I Wanna Love You,
Defeat My Appetite..
Study Kar Raha Hun,
Main Ik Nayi Language,
Haan Woh Nayi Language Hai,
Teri Body Language..(2 TIMES)
Am I Wrong?
Am I Right?
Towel Mein Lipti,
Chandan Si Yeh Flesh..
Mujhe De Rahi Hai Craving,
Like A Freaking Cheese Sandwich..(2 TIMES)
Study Kar Raha Hoon,
Main Ik Nayi Language..
Teri Body Language,
Main Ik Nayi Language..
But I Wanna Love You,
Champaign Ki Sip Si,
Gaanjhe Ki Drip Si,
Baby You’Re So Yummy,
Bilkul Cheesy Dip Si..
Abhi Kal Hi Khayi Thi Maine,
Chocolate Meethi,
Tere Upper Lip Si,
Bilkul Tere Upper Lip Si..
Lips Tere French Brown Brazillian,
Body Like A Roman Gladius,
One In A Million..
Ang-Ang Tere Antique,
Kare Red Romantic,
Husan Pe Vaarun Tere Dollars Australian..
One In A Million Tu Hai One In A Million,
Like A Heavy Drug Baby,
Aye Haye Tera Yovan..
Jod Rahi Hai Lapte,
Nikli Straight Out Of Oven,
Tujhpe Hi Aake Rukta Hai Mera Sludge Engine,
Engine Kyun Ke Tere Jaisi No One..
Study Kar Raha Hoon,
I Wanna Love You..

Video Song:

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